Our daughter, Malinda, pinned this on Pinterest this week.

Not a new idea. A very important way of life.

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Some life habits I want to attain:

Breathe God in and out of every breath.

Apply Jesus’ living example to my mind, heart and soul.

Become unselfish God love

4 girls=one big roller coaster ride in life!


Thank you God for our girls.

the girls 003

Daughter #2 pinned this for me on pinterest yesterday…


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Hmmmm…..now that’s a thought I never thought before.

the girls 009

This “antique” picture is in our bedroom. 

We will always love you girls.

Isaiah 40:8


Isaiah 40:8

sunday am 017

      The grass withers….

jimmy sunday hill 005 

and the flower fades,

hill last day of vacation 045

but the Word of the Lord abides forever.” Isaiah 40:8 (NIV)



Fun times with friends


We have two church bowling teams participating in an 8

week holy rollers league event.  Our team names are the

Happy Strikers and Balaam’s Donkeys.  Here are a few shot

of bowlers and fans from Thursday night.

bowling 004bowling 005

       Brenda                         Bill

bowling 009bowling 006

      Jimmy                         Dewayne & Tyler

bowling 007bowling 008

Morgan                Happy Strikers

bowling 011bowling 012

  Howard                       Bowling alley food

bowling 015bowling 023

Cindy & Morgan-Juliette’s Angry Birds experience

 bowling 027bowling 037

High score gets the penny- Tyler wins

bowling 041bowling 042

Crazy fun!                   Hmm…a bowling opportunity?


Then Granny, Liz and I went over and hung Bill today.  Well

actually we hung his drapes.

hanging bills drapes 005hanging bills drapes 004

hanging bills drapes 006hanging bills drapes 009

Then Bill sang while Liz danced

hanging bills drapes 011

Granny watched while I snapped.


Then we had game night tonight with friends.

game night 002game night 003

Mexican Train, Spinners, Phase 10 & In a Pickle

game night 005game night 011

The little ones got a few extra hugs and kisses.

 Peace to you and yours.   deb



Put your name in the blank…..


A devotional of Oswald Chambers. Please say your name in the blank space.

Perseverance means more than endurance-more than simply

holding on until the end.  ___________ life is in the hands of

God like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer.


God is aiming at something _________ cannot see, but our

Lord continues to stretch and strain, and every once in a

while ___________ says, “I can’t take any more.”  Yet God

pays no attention; He goes on stretching until His purpose

is in sight, and then he lets the arrow fly. 

Entrust yourself to God’s hands.

Faith is not some weak and pitiful emotion, but is strong and

vigorous confidence built on the fact that God is holy love.

And even though ______ cannot see Him right now and

cannot understand what He is doing, ______ knows Him.

Disaster occurs in your life when you lack the mental

composure that comes from establishing yourself on the

eternal truth that God is holy love.  Faith is the supreme

effort of your life-throwing _______ with abandon and total

confidence upon God.


P.S. When Jimmy read the post it reminded him of something he had

 written which he posted on my comments. 



I wrote this awhile back…

Arrows of Love

I imagine God with bow drawn taught
His mighty arm steady and sure.
I imagine God with an aim that is true
His eye seeing targets obscure.

I imagine God with all skill and all wisdom
aiming His faithful in directions of need.
With love and with passion God sends on the flight
His arrows to work His good deed.

God’s targets are scattered
we cannot perceive
the faithful, the lovely
the downtrodden, the lonely,
the broken, the poor, the deceived.

Like tiny little arrows of love
God’s faithful shoot forth in all directions.
They come and they pierce hearts,
they show passion, God’s affections.

Like tiny little arrows of love
the faithful redirect our thoughts
they influence our thinking,
they show us what God is like
by their love and their teaching.

Like tiny arrows of love
those lives open our hearts to understanding
that even in the midst of toil, suffering
and carrying the cross
that joy, love and patience are examples of choice.

Among the faithful
who are God’s arrows that fly
are a comfort in life who teach us that by,
living or dying it all means the same
to live is for Christ, to die is to gain.

Jim Fields

Thank you for sharing.

One in Christ


spanish-uno  french-un english-one  german-eins

portugese-um  filipino-isa  swedish-en  dutch-een

romanian-unu  croatian-jedan  lithiuanian-vienas

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in Jesus Christ

Afrikaans Language : Jesus Christus  Albanian Language : Jezu Krishti

Arabic Language : يسوع المسيح  Armenian Language : Հիսուս Քրիստոսը

Azerbaijani Language : İsa Məsih  Basque Language : Jesus Christ

Belarusian Language : Ісус Хрыстос  Bulgaria Language : Исус Христос

Catalan Language : Jesús Crist  Chinese (Simplified) Language : 耶稣基督

Chinese (Traditional) Language : 耶穌基督  Croatian Language : Isus Krist

Czech Language : Ježíš Kristus  Danish Language : Jesus Kristus

Dutch Language : Jezus Christus  English Language : Jesus Christ

Estonian Language : Jeesus Kristus Filipino Language : Hesukristo 

Finnish Language : Jeesus Kristus  French Language : Jésus-Christ 

Galician Language : Xesús Cristo  Georgian Language : იესო ქრისტე 

German Language : Jesus Christus  Greek Language : Ο Ιησούς Χριστός 

Haitian Creole Language : Jezi Kris la  Hebrew Language : ישוע המשיח 

Hindi Language : यीशु मसीह  Hungarian Language : Jézus Krisztus 

Icelandic Language : Jesús Kristur  Indonesian Language : Yesus Kristus 

Irish Language : Íosa Críost  Italian Language : Gesù Cristo

Japanese Language : イエスキリスト  Korean Language : 예수 그리스도 

Latvian Language : Jēzus Kristus  Lithuanian Language : Jėzus Kristus

Macedonia Language : Исус Христос  Malay Language : Yesus Kristus

Maltese Language : Ġesù Kristu  Norwegian Language : Jesus Kristus 

Persian Language : عیسی مسیح  Polish Language : Jezus Chrystus

Portugese Language : Jesus Cristo  Romanian Language : Isus Hristos

Russian Language : Иисус Христос  Serbian Language : Исус Христос 

Slovak Language : Ježiš Kristus  Slovenian Language : Jezus Kristus 

Spanish Language : Jesús Cristo  Swahili Language : Yesu Kristo 

Swedish Language : Jesus Kristus  Thai Language : พระเยซูคริสต์ 

Turkish Language : İsa Mesih  Urdu Language : یسوع مسیح 

Vietnamese Language : Chúa Giêsu Kitô  Welsh Language : Iesu Grist 

Yiddish Language : יאָשקע המשיח

Bridesmaid Group Photo.<br /><br />
Oh my gah. @Staci Guinn & @Savannah Harrison, Remember when we used to take these pictures all the time? Flowers? Stars? Shoes? haha

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor

female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.  Galatians 3:28


The apostle Paul wrote these life changing words just a few short

years ago between A.D. 48-53. 


Are we getting any closer to understanding and living this life

 changing freedom given to each and every person through Christ


…for you are all one in Christ Jesus.


That is totally awesome!!!!!!

Thank you to Google Image and Pinterest for the photos in this blog.


No internet-low cell signal


Yes, we’ve been away from technology for several days. 

When we go to the hill there is NO internet and occasional

cell reception.  Have you tried going without the internet or

cell phone for a day, or two, or three? 

hill last day of vacation 032

My phone searching for a tower and gathering dust.



We traded technology for

jimmy sunday hill 003

6 baby birds down inside a hollow pole with a three inch opening.   Also the bluebirds are building again in the old house.

 butterfly hill 028

These little butterflies were everywhere in the air and on the

house and landing on us for a photo shoot.

hill last day of vacation 019

This strange little critter was getting a free ride.

jimmy sunday hill 012

This turkey made several trips back and forth through the

old garden while we watched from the porch.

porch sittin2 006



porch sittin 006

…goes with this.


And this…

porch sittin2 007

porch sittin 007

…goes with this.

 porch sittin2 005

Take a guess where the turkey is outside right now?

Just follow their noses.  And that’s my Tigger toes!

As Tigger would say…..TTFN