Conversations with a dog.

We have a little old ugly dog that our girls snuck into the house about 12 years ago.   The first communication she received was from a family of 6 boys under the age of 5.  She hugged the floor in fear that you would pick her up and throw her around,  but in a short period of time she became the princess of the home roaming from lap to lap and taking care of us when we were sick or sad by never leaving our side.

She was and still is the biggest neighborhood gossip.  She has her nose in the window at all times watching and replying with her high pitched never-ending bark.  One of her favorite chores for her humans is the game of let the dog out, let the dog in, let the dog out….you get the picture.

Then there are the numerous tricks that she’ll perform for a vanilla wafer (especially if it has peanut butter on it).  She also slaps me on the back of the leg if I’m preparing green peppers or cantaloupe because those are her favorite human foods.  AND….we dare not have scrambled eggs unless she gets hers.

Pepper understands us when we talk to her and also by watching our routines.  She knows when we are getting ready to leave the house for the day and she becomes very anxious when we pull out the suitcases and start packing.

Pepper greets all visitors into our home and she knows if our visitor is not fond of dogs.  She starts turning on the charm and begins to work her way into their laps.

She has had to learn to tolerate the grandchildren that try to treat her like a toy, but when they finally fall asleep she ends up sleeping right beside them.  She has decided who is friend and who is foe and will play guard dog for the grandchildren.

Pepper can also be stubborn when we tell her it’s time to go to bed, or come inside on a sunny day.  She lets us know exactly what she does or doesn’t want.

As you can see, Pepper knows how to watch, listen, and react to her family, friends, and visitors.  Pepper is an excellent communicator.  Communication is a main ingredient in forming and maintaining relationships in our homes, schools, work, and social interactions.

The most important communication we will ever achieve in life will be our communication with God.  Wow!  Did I just say that?  Yep…I did.  We communicate in words and actions 24/7 with everyone we encounter.  How about when we are shopping, or driving, or working, or relaxing with friends and family?  Well, God is also present when we are all alone and even when we  are sleeping. ( Ain’t that a wonderful thought?)


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