Communicating with God

We usually think of communication as talking or texting which would be spoken and written words.  We can communicate with God by speaking out loud envisioning God being physically present with us. 

I love to sing play a musical instrument and sing to God

Many people journal or have a diary where they write to and about God and their daily lives. 

Some use visual art and photography for their communication with God.

 There are people who prefer to think more than talk, like my father-in-law Richard and my close friend Cindy.   There is a verse in the Bible that says, “Pray without ceasing”.            

Couldn’t there be communication  with God during the day as we drive to work or school?  How about those pesky stop lights or traffic jams?  You could make that a regular part of you daily time to share with God (which is a lot better on your blood pressure than road rage).  

Can’t we also talk with God as we go about our daily business actions for guidance in our words and deeds?

One of the funniest prayer times I’ve heard of was from a young mother with many small children.  She never had a moment alone….except in the bathroom (smile!).  So she decided to make a potty prayer list to use during her only alone time.  That would be another definition of “desperate housewife” wouldn’t it?

I just returned from a weekend with 2000+ teens.  Yes, I’m still alive and have gained some wonderful knowledge.  Lily Lewen was a guest artist sharing prayer and worship through art.  She had us all raise our power tools (cell phones) in the air and explained how they are prayer lists.  Just scroll down your list and pray for people during the day.  If someone is in extra need, set the alarm to remind you to pray for them on a regular basis.  Thank you Lily!  Now ain’t that wonderful?



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