Just a bit more on communication…

We can also communicate with God by serving.  Many help home bound, deliver food, provide transportation, help somebody load their groceries, some live a life of doing Random Acts of Kindness for others.  This group of people are doing for others and being the hands and feet of God so they are communicating with God by serving others.


We can also communicate with God by being quiet and listening. There is a verse in the Bible that says, “Be still and know that I am God.”  My husband loves to go to the river, or into the woods, or out on the porch and be quiet with God.  It’s amazing what God will reveal to you in these quiet moments.  A good challenge in this noise filled world would be to try to be comfortable with 3 minutes of quiet.  Then continue to add minutes to your quiet time and increase it to at least 15 quiet, peaceful minutes in a day with just you and God.  No cell phone, no music, no conversation, just you and God spending quiet time together.

These are a few ideas on communication.

Some people would call it prayer.

What other ways can you communicate with God?

My thoughts on communicating with God was on my mind as well as VALENTINES.  I know, there’s no connection.  Since this blogging is new to me I will probably struggle a bit with posting pictures.  My goal will be posting the Valentines I made last year for family and maybe show you the ones for this year after the family receives them.   Yep, I’m a craft junkie and I want to share the fun with you (if you are interested).

Rejoice!   Deb



One thought on “Just a bit more on communication…

  1. I plant flowers. To me, they are a letter all their own. A lot of the time I spend in my gardens is time spent with my awesome creator.

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