The empty nest creation room

What do you do when your kids leave the nest?  Tah dah!  A creation room is born.  Cindy and I made the shelves with some help from hubby Jimmy.  Then over a period of time I was able to collect the baskets and drawers to organize materials.  The red dresser contains Jimmy’s leather tools and materials.

Cindy and I decided to design our own work bench.  This one breaks down into 3 shef units when you lift off the top.  I was introduced to a biscuit cutter when we made the top.  The only biscuits I had cut before then were for the family to eat with a Tennessee country breakfast (that can be another post including chocolate gravy).  The right side is two separate units of equal size.  On the left side is the other shelving unit.  All 3 units have wheels and are easy to move.  Just set it whereever you want to work and put on the table top.

Jimmy and I designed the shelves on the wall to hold lots and lots of stamps.

The room has evolved over a period of time and continues to take a few twists and turns.

Hope you enjoyed the empty nest tour.  deb



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