Kitchen cupboards

J.C. lived in a man cave until he met and fell in love with Monna (our youngest daughter).  They married and J.C. and Monna began decorating for a family.  The kitchen is pink, cupboards are black, and Monna found the idea for the doors on line.  She painted them with a 5 month old baby boy perched on her hip and enjoyed every minute of it.

First are the tomato doors.  The potrack underneath is where a built in oven used to live.

The eggplant is next over the cooking area shared with ……

…. a little fruit now.  Every kitchen needs an orange.  Next up is…..

… the perfect place for corn on the cob.  This cupboard is on the left side of the sink and window.

Over the window is a “Kiss the cook !” sign which I don’t have a photo (maybe later).  On the other side of the sink is last but not least…..

…two peas in a pod.  Of course, each one is my favorite.

They now have a million dollar family.  Jedidiah 2 and Millie 2 months.  I have the priviledge of living close.  Today is a cooking day so I may be able to take a few photos if the whole kitchen and post later.  Enjoy!  deb


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