Wrong place-right time…life ain’t easy!

Granny and I stepped into the elevator on our Ikea adventure and  made room for more shoppers.  Some shoppers began chuckling and pointing at me.  Soooo……… do I have egg on my face or what’s up?  Then they calmed down enough to explain that the sign was giving me a set of horns.  Snap!

Sometimes life seems to throw us some curves where the situation feels wrong, or not fair, or unbearable to handle.  What do we do?  How do we endure these times?  What about asking for help from family or a friends.  There is strength in numbers….like asking for help instead of trying to conquer a problem alone.  Find your safety net.  Someone you can trust.

Jimmy and I spent 29 years raising 4 daughters to age 18.   We invested our time in assuring them that we love them-no matter what – and they could never do anything that could take that love away.  We were there for them always.  But it was more important to us that they knew (know) that God loves them  (and everybody in the world) even more than we can comprehend.  AND that God is ALWAYS with them (and everybody in the world) at all times.  We can’t always be there but God is.

So the DEAD END situations in life always have God surrounding us, encompassing us, hold us up.  We can either accept the help and love of God or ignore it.  The choice is ours.  Peace to you.


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