Granny = My Wonder Woman

Granny will be 85 on December 1, 2012.

Grannys card 290aTwilight_026[1]

She stays busy sewing for friends and family, volunteering at a thrift store, attending bible studies and church, exercising, and spending lots of time with family and friends.

Deb'r phone pictures 147chairmom1Deb'r phone pictures 145sizemomchair2

The first of March will be her third mission trip to UMCOR where she will spend the week in the sewing room making baby clothes and school bags that will be distributed around the world to people in need.

Grannys card 061afebruary house and nature 057sizefebruary house and nature 054size

Granny loves to travel.  As soon as she returns from her mission trip she will be flying to see family and a new great grand child.

Just mention a road trip and Granny is ready to go.

mom vacation through thursday 285deb tuesday august 3rd 024deb wednesday august4 019

So what will I do with my life?

We choose every day how we will spend our days, minutes, and hours.

Granny is my measuring stick on making choices in life.

Thank you Granny for your example and continue being like that ever ready bunny and keep on going on and on and on.

Grannys card 300a


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