Take it to the next level

UMCOR miission Sunday 029

Monday morning bright and early we began with devotions.  Edna’s reading emphasized how important it is for us to live with the fruit of the spirit evident in all that we do (Galatians).  Demonstrating love….joy…..peace…..patience……kindness….goodness…….faith…….gentleness…… and self control by the way that we live.

UMCOR Monday 002

Here we are, ready to begin our UMCOR experience.

UMCOR Monday 007

This is the Depot where supplies are assembled into kits that will be shipped around the world to people in need.

UMCOR Monday 009

Freddy is always ready to help us.  His shirt says, “Together we can make a difference”. How true!

UMCOR Monday 010UMCOR Monday 013

Assembling health kits.

UMCOR Monday 012

Mrs. Glenn demonstrating the assembly of layette kits.

UMCOR Monday 014

H. C. having way too much fun assembling boxes to pack the kits for shipment.

UMCOR Monday 016

The flood bucket area.  All ready to go when disaster hits.

UMCOR Monday 017

There is always time to enjoy the beautiful flowers and…

UMCOR Monday 021UMCOR Monday 022

the mesmerizing bayou.  So peaceful, so calm.

UMCOR Monday 025UMCOR Monday 026

Fun and fellowship closes our day.

Peace.  deb


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