Get your head out of the sand! Be aware!


Don’t walk around with your head in the sand.

Domestic violence is a real problem.

UMCOR wednesday 007

We visited Chez Hope which is a shelter for families experiencing domestic violence.

UMCOR wednesday 011

Silhouettes of women who have lost their lives from domestic violence.

UMCOR wednesday 024UMCOR wednesday 015

UMCOR wednesday 016UMCOR wednesday 022

Chez Hope helps the women and their children get a new start in life.   Here are some of the ways they are trying to change the future generations of the victims.

UMCOR wednesday 028UMCOR wednesday 029

Chez Hope t shirt design and the children also design shirts and have classes to talk about emotions and how to cope with them.

UMCOR wednesday 033UMCOR wednesday 039

They say the pledge every time they meet.


UMCOR wednesday 013UMCOR wednesday 020

Domestic violence has no boundaries.

It touches the young, the old, the in between, the rich, the poor, the in between. 

Be aware. 

Don’t live in a violent relationship.

Help anyone you may know that is trying to escape a violent relationship.





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