Seeing the world in color



NO!  That’s not me!  This picture just makes me smile all over.  It’s so easy at times to feel like we need to carry around those rolls when the majority of a day can be filled with negative sights and sounds, negative emotions and problems galore.

How  do we handle those days?  It’s up to us.  Either we dwell on the messes or…hand them over to God.  I figure God can handle any situation better than I can.  But there’s this yoyo thing in my trust.  I hand it to God and then I take it back, hand it over, take it back….you get the picture.

I was blessed to have a wonderful father, not perfect, but a good man and a good example.  I think about how much he loved me, cared for me, met my needs and far beyond, disciplined me, always wanted the best for me.  Dad’s love for me, as great as it was, cannot compare to God’s fatherly love for me.

march1 at the hill 046

I choose to walk with God and look for the color in life.  That doesn’t make everything easy, or perfect, but I know that I’m not walking alone.  Life has its ups and downs and we are all on our very own personal roller coaster of life. 

So hang on, hold on tight to God, and enjoy the ride!


It’s ok to be you! 



Sing your own original song!


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  1. I read this first thing this morning…from Sarah Young in Jesus Calling.
    “It is good that you recognize your weakness. That keeps you looking to me, your strength, abundant life is not neccessrily health and wealth; it is living in continual dependence on me.”

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