Mad prickly pears


Jimmy and I are enjoying the great weather and spending some quality time in the back yard at “the hill” in the middle of middle Tennessee.  Lots of rock, critters,

the hill 075

Tennessee state flowers-the Iris

the hill 024


the hill 029

wild flowers,etc.

One of our biggest enemies at the present time is the prickly pear.  We have grandchildren that love to romp and roam outside in flip flops and bare feet so we are now in attack mode.

the hill 079

These little devils blend in with the ground so it’s very easy to be stepping on one before you know it, and then you know it because you have long painful needles in your foot.

the hill 077

We searched “prickly pear removal” and found that the best way to eliminate them is to dig down under the root system,

the hill 078

remove and burn.

The articles from various people in various states say, “Don’t make the prickly pear mad, because if you make it made, it will multiply.  You must get every little piece when you dig it up or you end up with MORE prickly pears.


So, dig under the root, get the whole prickly pear, check the area for loose pieces that may have fallen, then destroy with fire.


 the hill 072

Our daughter and son-in-law have labored in love with a natural rock border in front of the house.  Jimmy is planting double knock out roses.

The end of a perfect day.


p.s. We bought a wheel barrow after dragging this and that from here to there.

First project will be more prickly pears.









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