March 29, 1975

potty boot camp 015

In late fall of 1974 Jimmy Fields was sent to Joplin, Missouri to install windows in a new Drury Inn.  The Inn was next door to Denny’s restaurant where Deb Pontius was a waitress.  After serving many meals to mister Fields, they became friends and toured the town together.  As the new year began the friendship blossomed into love and a proposal of marriage. 


We drove from Chapel Hill, Tennessee to Van Wert, Ohio on Good Friday.


The church was decorated with Easter Lilies and I carried one huge orchid.


Jimmy wore his high school graduation suit and mom made my dress from white dotted swiss  material with pink trim.  The church was full of friends and family.


You are so beautiful to me by Joe Crocker had just hit the radio stations.


My brother Brad sang and cried the song as I came down the isle with dad.

It took two pastors, my brother Terry and Paul Miller, to tie the knot.


Jimmy’s brother Bill was best man and my friend Martha was maid of honor.

Anniversary pictures 012

As you can see from this picture, cake toppers have improved over the years.


 “Help me make it to my rocking chair”

is a song that Jimmy sings to me with a big smile on his face.


So we’ve been married for 37 years today!


potty boot camp 014

Antique marriage license

potty boot camp 009

Jim and Deb Fields



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