Dos and Don’ts


Yesterday Jimmy and I were talking about the dos and don’ts that can turn people off.  That old cliché “Rules are made to break” comes to mind but most rules are made to protect us.  Traffic rules, health rules, working rules, family rules, etc..

So what would happen if all of a sudden there were no rules?  Chaos?

I love these two versions of the 10 commandments (the original 10 God rules from the Old Testament)

10-cajun-ten-commandments-copy_web (3)[1]




Our ornery selves want to look at the rules and rebel a bit but when you read them and really think about it, God just loves us and wants to give us guidelines to protect us and help us live in harmony instead of discord (love those music words).

Positive always wins over negative (except maybe in math).  We look at rules in life and want to bristle up.  But just for a few moments consider these commandments.  By using them as a guideline for living would your life have positive or negative results, would you be a positive or negative example for family and friends?

Think about it….




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