Colorado 2011 with Michele 738

There are feet that skip and play
There are feet that run away
There are feet that love a race and win or lose
There are chubby feet and small
And strong feet to kick a ball
But beautiful are the feet that bring good news.

colorada 2011 part 2 122

There are feet that slekly swim
Through the water wearing fins
There are feet that shimmy up the tallest trees
There are happy feet and sad
There are aching feet and mad
But beautiful are the feet that publish peace.

Colorado 2011 with Michele 824

Those are beautiful feet!

december Millie and Jedidiah 149

Beee-uuu-ti-ful feet!
Dutiful, cute-i-ful lett!
Tried and true-ti-ful feet
Do you have beautiful feet!

Deb'r phone pictures 098

Feet climb mountains, feet climb stairs
Some wear shoes, and so go bare!

Deb'r phone pictures 247

There are feet of every shape and every size

Gulf Shores Tuesday 003

But when they run with the news

Deb Guatamala 954

Jesus loves me and loves you

Colorado 2011 with Michele 1176

Then no matter what they look like-


february last day with Haleys 009

Beautiful feet!

march1 at the hill 027

Beautiful feet!

Gulf Shores Tuesday 001


Deb Guatamala 863

Beautiful feet!

more of our house 002size

Do you have beautiful feet!

Words: Gloria Gaither, Sandi Patti Helvering
Music: Sandi Patti Helvering
Copyright: 1989 Gaither Music Company


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