Road trip with Granny


chickens and baseball 050

We started out the day volunteering at the Attic.  It’s a thrift store ran by Grace Baptist Church and the proceeds are used in our community to help people in need.  We love, love, love our friends at the Attic and our grandkids love the treasures we purchase for them.

chickens and baseball 021

We traveled through beautiful scenery for several hours to visit our oldest daughter and family.

Mark spent the day working on the fence.

chickens and baseball 024

Chocolate face Anna showed us the puppy and….

chickens and baseball 026

the peeps.

chickens and baseball 018

Makayla got off the bus and came walking up the drive with this lucky clover.

chickens and baseball 034

Then she gave me the rooter and chicken tour.

chickens and baseball 040

chickens and baseball 045

chickens and baseball 046

Sweet little Anna washed her face and gathered us up to go see Mama’s store.

chickens and baseball 051

chickens and baseball 055

chickens and baseball 056chickens and baseball 053

Then we went to see Kevin play ball. 

This is his senior year at Westmoreland High School.

chickens and baseball 073

chickens and baseball 076

Whos on first!


It was a great day!


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  1. It was a good day! Any time with my family is too short….but oh, so sweet! Love all the photos. You should email me the others of Kevin so I can save them. I don’t have any from this year at all. Love you and thank you for coming and spoilling us with ice cream and drinks and love!

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