What is Jesus to you?


This is the week Christians celebrate holy week which is the final week of Jesus’ life on earth.

The Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell the Jesus story in four different ways.

We asked a group of people, all different ages, to write a one word description of who Jesus is to them personally.  Here’s the list.


Jesus is: Spirit  Savior  Powerful  Soul mate  Forgiveness

Servant  Teacher  Example  Leader  Caring  Redeemer

Faithfulness  Loving Strength  Peace  Healer  Father  Alive

Friend  Compassion Omnipotent  King  Great  Assuring  Blessings

Anger  Maker  Lamb Preacher  Relate  Creator  Almighty  Life

Lord  Joy  Blood Patience  Holy  Wow  Fun  Loving  Awesome

Story teller  Reliable Knowing  Son  Sins  Trinity  Prayer

Worship Commune Perfect


What is your one word description?


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