The last 36 hours have been full and fun!

fields of the wood 092

Road trip to Fields of the Wood in North Carolina

fields of the wood 031

fields of the wood 032

Jacob and Betsy climbed the stairs to the top and then climbed up some more stairs to the very top.  After I fell up the first flight of stairs and took a few pictures, I got in the van with the rest of the group and we drove to the top.fields of the wood 047

Blessing before our wonderful picnic by the pond.


fields of the wood 053

The crows were having a feast from an abandoned picnic area.

fields of the wood 099

Another hillside with many steps and scriptures to the very top.fields of the wood 086

The cross of many nations.

fields of the wood 078

View from the top.

fields of the wood 037

People of all ages and all walks of life were wondering around viewing the scripture.  It was a good way to spend Good Friday and then we returned for a wonderful Good Friday service at church.

Chapel Hill 015

After the service, Jimmy and I threw our stuff in the truck and headed to the hill to sleep real quick and get up and do some yard work.  This is the back yard.

Chapel Hill 008

This little fellow helped me move rocks to the front flower bed.

Fields of the Wood Jimmy 118


Turned the dirt over and pulled weeds.

Fields of the Wood Jimmy 115

Watched this turkey dine in the front yard until the bicyclers scared her.

Fields of the Wood Jimmy 119

Jimmy spent most of his time working in the yard and mowing. 

Then we headed back to Tullahoma.

Our next event was the Easter Egg Hunt at Turkey Creek UMC, a wonderful country church full of wonderful people. 

egg hunt at Turkey Creek 012

They always have their Easter Egg Hunt in the cemetery.

egg hunt at Turkey Creek 001

This is the first hunt for these two.

egg hunt at Turkey Creek 020

They needed a little help finding the prize egg and then it was time to eat pizza and…

egg hunt at Turkey Creek 056egg hunt at Turkey Creek 062


egg hunt at Turkey Creek 057

We said our “good-byes” and headed to Wesley Heights UMC

to prepare for the Easter Services.

egg hunt at Turkey Creek 063

A good night kiss for you!


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