Turkey season is open

& back yard bird watching


Fields of the Wood Jimmy 105-001

Turkey season IS open in Tennessee. 

Friday evening we sat on the back porch and listened to the male turkeys gobbling and the hens “pick pick picking” sound followed by the very loud fluttering of wings as they roosted for the night.

This brave hen decided to feast in our front yard Saturday morning.

Fields of the Wood Jimmy 111-001

The pictures are taken through the front room window which made it possible to watch our hen until she was spooked by two bicyclers passing by.  I thought that was the end of the turkey watch but….

Fields of the Wood Jimmy 114-001

She snuck out of the bushes, across the road and right back to munching.

Fields of the Wood Jimmy 116-001

Jimmy was in the back yard when he heard voices out front and thought it could be turkey hunters.  When he headed around the corner of the house the hen decided she better skeedaddle.  Too many humans for her to return.

Later in the day I sat a chair in the backyard to try to snap some pictures of mama and daddy blue bird feeding their 5 little chirpers.  (See old posts for baby birdie pictures)

Chapel Hill 021-001

Chapel Hill 019-001


Chapel Hill 020-001

Chapel Hill 024-001

Chapel Hill 026-001

Chapel Hill 027-001

This picture of the babes was taken through the hole in the roof.

Chapel Hill 001


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