The Attic Outlet


The Attic Boutique 021

Monday morning around 9:00 Granny and I go to volunteer at the Attic Outlet.  The outlet was started by Grace Baptist Church in Tullahoma, Tennessee.  It has outgrown several buildings and served many people in Coffee County.  People donate their items and volunteers help organize, price, and stock the shelves. 

The Attic Boutique 005


Monday morning the tables are usually

empty and ready to be filled.


The Attic Boutique 007


We are separating summer from winter clothing,


The Attic Boutique 014

Summer clothes are hung up and…


The Attic Boutique 016




The Attic Boutique 025

then placed in the store…


The Attic Boutique 022


by volunteers…


The Attic Boutique 026

and purchased.


The Attic Boutique 013

Out of season articles are boxed up and stored.


The Attic Boutique 011


There never seems to be an end to the generous

donations stored in the back room.  Every time

the boxes and bags on the table are emptied,

more boxes and bags appear.


The Attic Boutique 020

We have toys, house goods, lawn and garden,

furniture and things we don’t even know what

they are.  We are a lot like brand X (Goodwill)

but much better.

The Attic Boutique 019


We even have volunteers who can find missing


The Attic Boutique 015


The very best part is spending time with friends

and knowing we are all part of the body of Christ,

working together to help each other.


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