Some restaurants in the USA will serve the poor man’s meal on tax day. They may serve the entrees of stew or pork and beans in huge tin cans instead of refinery as a spoof on being too tax poor for a cooking pot. Aren’t we blessed when we make enough money that we have to pay taxes?

On Sunday morning our class watched Rob Bell’s Nooma-013 RICH.

Do you have….

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Many people in this world do not have these wonderful luxuries that we consider to be just a part of normal, everyday life. We get up from a nice cozy bed in a comfortable house, decide what we want to wear from our wardrobe, use fresh running water in numerous ways, eat breakfast and pack a lunch and lay out food for supper, and then get in the car for the daily routine.

These are gifts. We are fortunate people.


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Rob explains the word “mitzvoth” in the book of Ephesians. God commands us to do good deeds.

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God wants us to use wisely the gifts God has given us.

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Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy life!


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