Not good enough/facing your fears

motlow and bowling 013-001

Ok, let’s be honest here.  Don’t we all have fears and insecurities?  It may be silly but I feel that way about sports.  Especially…..

motlow and bowling 009

…bowling.  Yep, those are my nervous feet standing there looking at the bowling balls and begging for the gutter guards.

motlow and bowling 008

Do you like the stylish shoes?  They really are comfortable.

motlow and bowling 010

Jimmy loves to bowl and did a great job patiently coaching me.

motlow and bowling 012

My first goal is to keep the ball OUT of the gutter.  My next goal is to break 100.

Jimmy used the games to try out a new ball and experiment throwing different ways.  His true average is around 200.

motlow and bowling 011

Now the real deal is to take a long hard look at the fears in your life.  You know, the get out of bed in the morning struggles you don’t want to have to face.

We all have those deep dark holes but we also have a heavenly Father with us at all times.  

Call for help from God and find some friends that you know will support you and help you make right decisions and help you through the rough times.

God gave us each other for that reason.  Just like this silly post on bowling.  I had to walk up to the alley AND I also had someone to help give me the proper information to do my best. 

Face your fears and with God’s help you ARE good enough!


P.S. I had no idea how ugly that shirt was until I saw these pictures. 

I sent it on to the Attic for some other lucky person.


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