Happy birthday Malinda!


Jedidiah is master pastry chef in charge of birthday cake.

birthday 020

Self rising flour first (called cookie monster for directions)

birthday 030

Sit down and add sugar

birthday 033

Stomp in the Crisco with the chicken stomper

birthday 034

Take a little taste

birthday 039

Pick the green stuff off the fresh juicy strawberry add…

birthday 037

add the green stuff to the cake

birthday 040

eat the strawberry

birthday 036

add milk and vanilla to shortcake and stir, stir, stir

birthday 042

taste the batter

birthday 047

taste the batter again and then put it in the oven

birthday 056

bake until golden brown

birthday 044

prepare (and eat a few) birthday berries

birthday 048

greet the birthday girl with hugs and kisses

birthday 059

serve the requested birthday meal of Reuben sandwiches

birthday 051

give the birthday girl her presents and…

shortcake 008-001

eat the strawberry shortcake!

Happy Birthday Malinda.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Happy Birthday, Malinda! I want Jedediah to be in charge of my birthday cake and I want him to come out and bake with me. I think he & I have the same methods!!!!

  2. that was the best day I’ve had in a looooong time! and lil Jed’s cake was fanTASTic!!! love you, ma and love your blog ❤

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