cherish the ordinary

Appreciation 101  Life is good!

home 011

Good morning world!  I remember the years of babies and no sleep

and toys all over the house and noise and snotty noses and too many

diapers and waiting for the time that there would be an uncluttered

house and a restful night.

home 013

Our four girls and all of our friends and family enjoyed growing up

together and putting away all the toys and sleeping through the night

and graduating and weddings and then….

home 002

the wonderful little critters called grandchildren entered our world.

So now we have toys all over the house again…

home 003

we are rediscovering the wonders of the animal world and…

home 008

making the favorite treats with candy sprinkles on top.

home 015

and we are thanking God for the ordinary days we have been given to

enjoy our family and friends.

 home 017

Relax, enjoy, grow! 


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