No internet-low cell signal


Yes, we’ve been away from technology for several days. 

When we go to the hill there is NO internet and occasional

cell reception.  Have you tried going without the internet or

cell phone for a day, or two, or three? 

hill last day of vacation 032

My phone searching for a tower and gathering dust.



We traded technology for

jimmy sunday hill 003

6 baby birds down inside a hollow pole with a three inch opening.   Also the bluebirds are building again in the old house.

 butterfly hill 028

These little butterflies were everywhere in the air and on the

house and landing on us for a photo shoot.

hill last day of vacation 019

This strange little critter was getting a free ride.

jimmy sunday hill 012

This turkey made several trips back and forth through the

old garden while we watched from the porch.

porch sittin2 006



porch sittin 006

…goes with this.


And this…

porch sittin2 007

porch sittin 007

…goes with this.

 porch sittin2 005

Take a guess where the turkey is outside right now?

Just follow their noses.  And that’s my Tigger toes!

As Tigger would say…..TTFN  


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