Fun times with friends


We have two church bowling teams participating in an 8

week holy rollers league event.  Our team names are the

Happy Strikers and Balaam’s Donkeys.  Here are a few shot

of bowlers and fans from Thursday night.

bowling 004bowling 005

       Brenda                         Bill

bowling 009bowling 006

      Jimmy                         Dewayne & Tyler

bowling 007bowling 008

Morgan                Happy Strikers

bowling 011bowling 012

  Howard                       Bowling alley food

bowling 015bowling 023

Cindy & Morgan-Juliette’s Angry Birds experience

 bowling 027bowling 037

High score gets the penny- Tyler wins

bowling 041bowling 042

Crazy fun!                   Hmm…a bowling opportunity?


Then Granny, Liz and I went over and hung Bill today.  Well

actually we hung his drapes.

hanging bills drapes 005hanging bills drapes 004

hanging bills drapes 006hanging bills drapes 009

Then Bill sang while Liz danced

hanging bills drapes 011

Granny watched while I snapped.


Then we had game night tonight with friends.

game night 002game night 003

Mexican Train, Spinners, Phase 10 & In a Pickle

game night 005game night 011

The little ones got a few extra hugs and kisses.

 Peace to you and yours.   deb


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