Do you itch the scratch or scratch the itch?

There is no creature alive that can cause more torment for its size than the chigger. By at least knowing what your attacker is and how it operates, you can itch less this summer and get more enjoyment from your outdoor activities.

the hill 008

Chigger Country

The chiggers have long legs and can move rapidly. They are capable of getting all over a person’s body in just a few minutes. The long trek from a victim’s shoe to the belt line (a favorite point of attack) is a climb that take about 15 minutes but is more than 5,000 times the chiggers’ tiny length. That’s about the same as a human scaling a large mountain–and on an empty stomach.  Seasick Steve singing the Chigger Song

Chiggers first show up as annoying red bumps. An itch begins. It grows. More hard red welts surface. From your feet and ankles upward, and especially at those tender locations your mother told not to scratch in public, a maddening itch takes hold.

chiggar control 020

                  Nail polish doesn’t work

The most popular home remedy for which there is little justification is to dab nail polish on the welt. This cannot “smother” the chigger because it has not burrowed into your skin, and it was probably scratched off long ago. The only benefit to applying a thick coat of nail polish is that it helps to remind you not to scratch the bite.

chiggar control 017

Yep, we got a good case of the Tennessee chiggers on our last trip to the Hill.

We did the chigger dance for days and tried both of the above remedies.

Watch out for the chiggers!    deb

The information is from the Missouri Department of Conservation.


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