Play day with my friend Cindy. I found my marbles!

Play day with my friend Cindy.

It’s been a long time since Cindy and I have had a play day.  We talk back and forth on who is going to decide what we are going to do and where we are going to go.  Today we decided it would be out of town and somehow ended up with the town square in Fayetteville, Tennessee. 

Playday with Cindy 016

Since I was raised in Ohio I had only experienced one town square which was on the way to Grandma Siler’s in a little town called Paulding, Ohio.  We moved to Tennessee in 1987 and all the towns that surrounded us had the town squares with the courthouse in the middle.  The tricky part of driving around a town square was learning which lane to get into and how to get out of the middle when you want to turn on to a different road.  I had many horn honking experiences and broke out in a sweat several times before I was able to go around the square just one time to turn on to my road of choice  This is the town square in Fayetteville.  Cindy was driving so everything was under control.

Playday with Cindy 019

This is the security system on the front door of our first stop at The Magnolia Mall.

Playday with Cindy 040Playday with Cindy 018

Bought 4 shooters for a dollar and 4 pretty blue ones for a quarter.

Playday with Cindy 017Playday with Cindy 041

Playday with Cindy 020

Playday with Cindy 021

Up the old squeaky staircase.  Is the hole a mouse residence?

Playday with Cindy 027

Top of an elevator…

Playday with Cindy 028

looking down on the bottom of the elevator…

Playday with Cindy 030

with side view of the whole elevator.

Playday with Cindy 022

There’s my friend Cindy walking through the booth’s upstairs.

Playday with Cindy 033Playday with Cindy 034

                                     Smile Cindy!                  A favorite booth.

Playday with Cindy 037

We wanted to play with all the old tools and marbles but then we saw the sign…

Playday with Cindy 046

…and we were glad we left our moms at home. (smile, giggle, smile again)

Playday with Cindy 035

The Magnolia Mall was a good way to start the day.

Playday with Cindy 039

This play day tour will be continued on another post.  Thanks for stopping by.


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