Some of the latest ventures.

crafting 001

We made button pins at Morning Pointe assisted living this week. 

crafting 003

This is an old quilt that has been cut into small squares and made into

1 and 2 inch pins.  This one is a double lazy daisy stitch, running stitch and very tiny buttons.

crafting 004

The coffee cup is a metal brad and  the only stitch is a running stitch with free form design. 

crafting 005

A tiny crocheted heart, tiny button, and metal gratitude.

crafting 009

Old keys with old jewelry findings plus a wheat penny.

crafting 013

Button and bead key fob we made at Morning Pointe last week.

It’s a thick crochet thread doubled and threaded through the buttons and beads.

crafting 016

Four strand crocheted button necklace.

crafting 021

Three strand crocheted button bracelet.

crafting 024 

New earrings for Granny.

crafting 025

One of the next projects is to jazz up this old potty chair for the grandbabies.

Thanks for stopping by.


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