More bling for Granny


So Granny decides she needs a trip to Charming Charlies which is a HUGE jewelry and accessory store.  She’s wanting a certain color of earrings to go with necklaces in her collection.  You know how important it is to matchy matchy.

My daughter Monna says, “Why would she wanna go to Charming Charlies when she has you to make her jewelry?”  And Monna was right because we bought nothing in CCs and went directly to Michael’s to pick out jewels for her new designs.  I posted several pieces the other day and here are the rest.

Granny jewelry 008

Granny jewelry 006

Hand wrapped wire necklace and earrings.

Granny jewelry 005

Granny jewelry 009

We made the button necklaces with the lovely ladies at Morning Point assisted living.

Granny jewelry 002

Granny brought over one of Dad’s favorite bolos a while back and asked if I could make her a necklace.  His name was Don and her name is Donna so that works well.  I finally decided on the turquoise and silver and found the clasp that seems to go well enough.  She saw it in progress yesterday and said,”I have another bolo at the house”.  You know what that means?


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