Is tree climbing genetic?

Is tree climbing genetic?


A long, long time ago when I was a pup, we had two trees in the back field that consumed many hours of my summer adventures. 

One tree had fallen over so we walked the plank, set sail for high seas,  turned it into a car, a bus, a plane and away we went on our summer magic carpet rides.

Then there was the old apple tree.  Half of it was gone and the half standing had the very best limbs to climb. When I was running toward that tree I knew I was going to be engulfed in a huge  hug from mother nature. We scrounged the neighborhood for old boards and nails and tools and made steps and a perch up as high as we could.  I got my first batch of poison ivy and my first kiss at that old apple tree.  The tree lingered on in the same place, the tree house deteriorated but the wonderful childhood experiences that helped shape my imagination and my love of God’s big wonderful world are a part of my core forever. 

Our girls are tree climbers as well.  I relived the joy of youth and imagination as they climbed trees and experienced their own magic carpet rides. 

As you can see from Betsy’s photo, our grandchildren are having a blast in their tree.  It’s just now summer, school is out and it’s time to play. 

Play children.

Breathe fresh air.

Stretch and grow your bodies, minds, and imagination.

Enjoy God’s beautiful world.

And remember…..Life is Good! 

So my question for the day is….Is tree climbing genetic? 


3 thoughts on “Is tree climbing genetic?

  1. I think you might be right. Tree climbing just might be in our genes! I used to climb trees as a child… so did my father… so did my sister… and brothers… and now my nieces and nephews do too! Sometimes I get the urge to climb a tree, but only if it has lots of knots and branches 🙂 On a side note, this is an adorable picture of your grandchildren. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I climbed lots of trees but my memories, while fun and exciting, are slightly different. I broke my arm falling (or jumping) from a tree, I really can’t remember. I fell from another tree which knocked the wind out of me…thought I was dying. But it was all fun.

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