Ronald McDonald House Nashville, Tennessee

Ronald McDonald House

Nashville, Tennessee

Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 050Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 015Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 011Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 014

Sometimes we have to devote our time as adults to help develop qualities and pass the baton on to our youth.  Today was an awareness trip to the Ronald McDonald house in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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We gathered can tabs from everywhere.  People started showing up with bags and jars of all sizes full of tabs.  We had heard that they received $3,000 per gallon but they receive the pound value of aluminum when they are turned in.  $15,000 in 2011.

Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 013Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 019Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 011

Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 027

We also donated the quilts for babies, children and parents that need extra comfort.

Our guide was overwhelmed by the quilts we donated and expressed how important they were to people in their extreme time of need.

Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 034

We were invited into the family room where this wonderful volunteer gave us information about the house.

The house is always full!

32 families are housed for the time needed.

They always have a waiting list for people to stay.

3 suites are available for patients that need separate quarters.

The fee is $15.00 per day for families financially able to pay.

Nobody is turned away.  Partial payment or no payment is acceptable .

Families are surrounded by caring people and have a comfortable place to stay. 

Ronald McDonald and Opry Mills 031

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