Reminders of God’s blessings

Reminders of God’s blessings

last trip to the hill in may 005

Part 1

In the fall on 1976 we purchased our first home.  After signing the papers and paying our down payment we had $50.00 left in our bank account.  We paid $12,500 and laughed over the fact that the new Cadillacs in the car lot across the street were the same price and higher than our home. 

Seeing the condition of the house (it wasn’t a home yet) our well meaning friends questioned if we had shopped around enough and were we “sure” this was a wise purchase.  We knew with a lot of sweat and love we could conquer the ugly beast and make it our first home.

We had one baby, Jimmy was working in a factory,  I had an in home piano studio and we worked on the house in our spare time.  When we removed the orange door Jimmy was going to trash it but my father put it over head in his garage for storing boards on top.  When Mom moved  to Tennessee in 2010 Jimmy decided he wanted to keep that old door and put it in our retirement home some day.  It now hangs in the kitchen at the hill.  A reminder of our beginning and God’s blessings.

Part 2

last trip to the hill in may 008

Being a lover of the old unique items of the past we rescued  the hanger off the old orange door and it has been hung in every home we’ve lived in.  When we saw the marks on the back of the door we wondered if the hanger would fit. (A little forgetful over the past 30 some years).  Just like Cinderella’s slipper it was a perfect fit. 

last trip to the hill in may 009

So the hanger is back in its original home.

Part 3

last trip to the hill in may 007

After locating the hanger we decided to go diving in the old hardware we have held on to from here and there.  And sure enough…. we found both sides of the original door plate and the door knob.  No key.  I don’t think we ever had the key. 

Moral of the story.

So how is this a reminder of God’s blessings?

Deb Fields is a worrier and a doubter about how things are going to be taken care of financially.  I’m not proud of it, but it’s a fact.  Worrying and doubting never helps pay the bills. Planning, praying and trusting is a better approach. We always try to plan and make wise decisions with our money but surprises like doctor and dentist bills, cars breaking down, factories closing, paying insurances, etc. just happen.  That old door reminds me of how faithful God has been to meet all of our needs and also pour abundant blessings onto our family.  Don’t be a worrier like me.  Be wise in your decisions and turn the rest over to God.  God is faithful. 

Enjoy counting your blessings.  deb


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