Home 15 hours then gone!

Home 15 hours and on to UMConference


Greeting friends.  The week at Cherokee, North Carolina took us back in time with NO internet and questionable cell phone connection.  Returned home from Cherokee 8:30 p.m. Saturday night and my sweetie welcomed me with a new camera and my old faithful camera fixed.  I flopped into bed, slept, went to Roof Crasher’s Sunday School  class where we planned a mission for next Saturday and then on to worship.

new camera 020

The new camera goes to worship and on to …

new camera 021 new camera 034

the last fund raiser for the youth mission trip to UMCOR depot in Louisiana.

new camera 030new camera 032new camera 027


Then on to the house and a quick pack for Tennessee United Methodist Annual Conference.   The wonderful part about conference is that we get to hear them read Jimmy’s name and return appointment to Tullahoma, Tennessee for another year.  That makes me very happy!

new camera 037

This year is the 200 year celebration. 

I do want to blog about Cherokee and plan to post Cherokee – one day each day this week.

Sunday, June 3rd Cherokee trip begins

Cherokee Sunday 003Cherokee Sunday 007Cherokee Sunday 001

Worship at Kingston Springs church before leaving.                      Loading for trip.

Cherokee Sunday 032

Last stop before Cherokee was in Maggie Valley at this very unique Italian restaurant.

Cherokee Sunday 025Cherokee Sunday 026

Lots of wall art.

Cherokee Sunday 030

Cherokee Sunday 040Cherokee Sunday 041

Arrival and prayer before bedtime.  Good night.  More tomorrow.


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