What is your story?

What is your story?

Clingmans 035

This is at the very top of Clingmans Dome in the Smokey Mountains.  I thought I’d never make it to the top.  But I did!

Every person has a story.  If you wrote a story about yourself what would your story contain?

Would your story have  humor?  Would your story have tragedy?  Would it be full of amazing adventures?  Then there could be some of the average maybe even dull and hum drum days, weeks and months we experience through the years. 

Some people I’ve met said their life story would be more like the afternoon soap box operas on TV.  Others will quote a movie and compare their life and family  to My Greek Wedding or While You Were Sleeping or another movie, show or book they have read.

UMCOR miission Sunday 070

Is it possible to write a story about yourself with no other characters?  I guess that would be a solitary life.  We add so much color to ourselves as we experience other people. 

Is it possible to write a story about yourself and have it all happen in just one location?  Hopefully people, animals, weather would come and go to bring the outside world into your story.

We are all writing our story with every breath we take.  We are either adding or subtracting to this wonderful experience that we have been given called LIFE.  Is your life an action verb?  I hope so.  Do you really LIVE your LIFE?  Is living an action verb for you?  I hope so.

Take some time and draw a time line of your life.   Most of us will  find a mixture of experiences we cherish as good memories and also see the sad and maybe even tragic experiences that we have trudged through? 

Our personal experiences can be either stepping stones where we can live and grow through the trouble times,

Rock Island 5-09 079

or stumbling blocks where we fall flat and do not try to get back up.

Well, the choice is ours to make.  Life happens.  What do you plan to do with yours?

malinda at conference 025




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