Cherokee legend of the corn-bead


Cherokee Legend of The Corn –Bead

cherodee tears 005 jpg

Many years ago during the 1830s the Real People, as the Cherokees called themselves, were rounded up as cattle. 


They were forced to leave their homeland and walk west to a new land.


They cried tears of sorrow and grief and hopelessness.


Where their tears hit the ground, a plant sprang up.

The seeds look like tears and their color is the color of grief.

cherodee tears 004jpg

Today the Real People wear the seeds in necklaces, medallions, and earrings in memory of The Trail of Tears.

cherodee tears 001 jpg

Kingston Springs United Methodist Mission team members were gifted with corn-bead necklaces.  Thank you for such a special gift.

Wednesday eve deb 001 jpg

cherodee tears 006

Busy making corn-bead necklaces in the craft room…

chattanooga 002 jpg 

while Brother Jimmy Honey makes bugs for fly fishing.

Fun times!



One thought on “Cherokee legend of the corn-bead

  1. Would you direct me to someone or place where we could get Cherokee Corn Beads in bulk for our craft projects. We are one of the Cherokee Nation’s satellite communities. Thanks, Phil

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