Blog dog with current events


Home from a whirlwind trip and packing for umcor youth mission trip so I’ll let blog dog tell you what’s been going on. 

Blog dog here again…

davises at the hill 017-001

We watched the kids while mom and dad shopped for a new washer and dryer. 

They have loads of laundry at their house.

davises at the hill 019    davises at the hill 002

While mom and dad were gone we looked at books

davises at the hill 023

played this little piggy….

davises at the hill 025

took naps….

davises at the hill 039

and colored.  Then the humans and I took the “old” washer and dryer to the hill so the family can do laundry. 

davises at the hill 049   davises at the hill 050

Sister got to swing with mommy.                                 

davises at the hill 056

I got lots of popcorn from brother. 

the hill with granny 003

The kids and their parents left the next morning and it got really quiet. 

the hill with granny 009

The toys were just sitting their all lonely.

the hill with granny 017

Granny got a pedicure while she read and drank coffee.

the hill with granny 004 the hill with granny 020

That’s me watching!?!?!?

the hill with granny 022

Those crazy humans now have purple and blue toes.

monnas pans 015

Granny picked out bragging pictures of her family to print for a trip up north and out west and then she watched Malinda’s music videos from the UMC conference. 

the hill with granny 005

This will be old news when you see it because there is NO internet at the Hill.  Deb said it’s a great place to come if you want to go to nowhere and do nothing.  You get to wear out the back porch and listen to the birds and see a new born baby fawn in the yard and all that nature kind of stuff. 

The humans are going to a Coffee Shop this evening in Kingston Springs to hear Malinda and Adam play and sing but they will leave me at the hill.   I’m sure the humans will be blogging soon so bow wow for now!  Blog dog.

stenberg coffee house 038

Our daughter #2 Malinda with her lovin’ husband Adam jammin’ at the coffee house.  A perfect Friday evening for Jimmy, Deb and Granny.

Will try to post mission pictures if we have internet reception. Going to UMCOR depot in Baldwin, LA for year 5 with youth. We have some special celebrations planned.


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