a fire, a pitch fork and cast iron skillets

monnas pans 002

If you are lucky enough to find some of the dirty old iron skillets at grandma’s house, or yard sales, or flea markets snatch them up. You can use them on the stove top or in the oven and they will last forever. 

Now about the dirty part.

monnas pans 004

Just build a hot fire and lay the skillets right on top of the coals.  Let them get very hot and when you think you should take them out just wait a little longer.

monnas pans 003

Take them out of the fire with a very sturdy long handled tool like this old pitch fork and lay them on a hard surface that won’t melt or burn.  It takes a long time for the pans to become cool.

monnas pans 005

DO NOT USE SOAP but take a scratcher and water and scrub the pans until they are clean.  Then you need to coat them with a thin layer of oil (olive, canola,etc. the southern version would be lard or bacon grease) to keep them from rusting.  After cooking just wipe clean.  If you can’t wipe the pan clean only use water and a scratcher for cleaning and you may need to apply oil occasionally. Happy cooking!


2 thoughts on “a fire, a pitch fork and cast iron skillets

  1. Nice tip. I love cast iron cookware. I remember from camping years ago that we would scrub pots in the river with a handful of coarse sand and gravel. That would work here too, I imagine.

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