sunday umcor 010

UMCOR mission year 5 ready to roll!

sunday umcor 015

Prayer and…

sunday umcor 020

off to Baldwin, Louisiana.

sunday umcor 029sunday umcor 031

First stop

sunday umcor 035sunday umcor 039

Second stop

sunday umcor 048sunday umcor 049

Third stop

sunday umcor 050sunday umcor 051

Louisiana has classy stainless steel pots.

sunday umcor 052sunday umcor 054

Caffene fill up and off we go to the final destination

sunday umcor 056sunday umcor 064

sunday umcor 078sunday umcor 080

sunday umcor 088sunday umcor 090

Hello bayou.sunday umcor 133-001


sunday umcor 096

Staying at the Lodge this year.

sunday umcor 135sunday umcor 083


sunday umcor 136sunday umcor 138

Pizza and devotions


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