Monday @ Sager Brown


Umcor Sun-mon cindy 060Umcor Sun-mon cindy 095

Umcor Sun-mon cindy 064Umcor Sun-mon cindy 065Umcor Sun-mon cindy 070

Good morning, great breakfast and kitchen ministry (KP).

Umcor Sun-mon cindy 078

Group picture

Umcor Sun-mon cindy 084Umcor Sun-mon cindy 097

Some outside work

jim monday june 25, 2012 002

Building a storage locker

 jim monday june 25, 2012 006jim monday june 25, 2012 009


Umcor Sun-mon cindy 087sunday umcor 133-001

Tomorrow morning we will be loading a container to be shipped to Haiti. 

Wednesday we will be helping distribute food to over 600 people in the area.

Thursday we plan help at Chez Hope Sister’s Closet.

We will also be packing kits, cleaning windows, building odds and ends, sewing, painting, etc.

A fun week for sure.


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