Original Tie Dye Shirts


Original Tie Dye Shirts


wednesday surprise trip 004

Cover all surfaces and wear appropriate old clothes.

wednesday surprise trip 006

Prewash and dry (no fabric softener) 100 % cotton shirts.

Spray to dampen and fold and wrap with rubber bands.

wednesday surprise trip 008

Wear rubber gloves and apply dye.

Jennifer wednesday 082

Then put it in a plastic bag for 6-8 hours.  The longer you wait the deeper the color.

Jennifer wednesday 084

Then you take it out of the bag and rinse and rinse and rinse til the extra dye is rinsed out.

Then wash in hot water and dry.

Thursday night Jimmy 017-001

wednesday surprise trip 041Thursday night Jimmy 019-001

This will make a spiral print …………..like this.

wednesday surprise trip 032Thursday night Jimmy 016-001

This will make the horizontal or vertical stripe………………………….like this.

Cindy Thursday 121

Cindy Thursday 126


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