Make a flag….


I’ve mentioned providing crafts at Morning Pointe Assisted Living  and The Lantern Alzheimer Unit and this week is Red, White and Blue week.   I spent yesterday trying to make the steps as easy as possible and thought I may as well share them with you.

flag craft 005

flag craft 022Also cut a piece of foam core art board the same size as the red.

flag craft 013

This project was mass production so I marked the lines on the craft table top.


flag craft 014

The two bottom lines are a little farther apart due to the blue square so I wrote “bottom” on the back of each flag to make it easier for the ladies.  Now you can attach the red paper to the foam core art board with rubber cement.

flag craft 019

This grid has 18 holes for marking the button placement.  So after the blue is marked for buttons glue the blue square on top of red square which is on top of the foam core art board (I just couldn’t help myself…I just had to say that) with rubber cement.

flag craft 004

Now the fun part comes with gluing the rick rack and buttons on. 

I made a hanger on the back by twisting 18 gauge wire and taped it on the back with duck tape. (Duck tape fixes everything!)

And there you have it.  The grandkids are coming this week so I made extra for them.  Enjoy!


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