Davy Crockett, Amish and Kudzu


Davy Crockett, Amish and Kudzu

rain and lawrenceburg 017

rain and lawrenceburg 004

I began the day with my walk in the rain. So refreshing! 

rain and lawrenceburg 028rain and lawrenceburg 027

Then Jimmy and I traveled to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee to attend a funeral.

rain and lawrenceburg 021rain and lawrenceburg 024

rain and lawrenceburg 013

Choose your ride.

rain and lawrenceburg 007

Kudzu is beautiful but deadly.


BETH ANN FENNELLY   The Kudzu Chronicles

.Common names include

Covering seven million acres,
and counting.
Like the noble peanut,
a legume, but unlike the noble peanut,
forced into guerrilla warfare—

rain and lawrenceburg 009

1945, U.S. government stops subsidizing Kudzu Clubs
1953, Government stops advocating the farming of kudzu
1960, Research shifts from propagation to eradication
1972, Congress declares a weed
1980, Research proves certain herbicides actually cause kudzu to grow faster
1997, Congress declares a noxious weed

Oh you can hoe it out of your garden, of course,
but, listen, isn’t that your phone?
Take heed, blithe surgeon,
resting your hoe
in the snake-headed leaves, and walking inside.
The leaves disengage their jaw bones—
cough once to choke the hoe halfway down,
cough twice, and it was never there.

rain and lawrenceburg 011

This next poem is too funny since we live in the area named the Bible belt.

I asked a neighbor, early on,
if there was a way
to get rid of it—
Well, he said,
over the kudzu fence,
I suppose
if you sprayed it
with whiskey
the Baptists would eat it
then, chuckling,
he turned
and walked back inside his house.


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