Too close AND the eclectic refrigerator door

Too close


I learned to drive in Ohio on flat straight roads and later in life moved to Tennessee.  Now Jimmy is from Tennessee and he was used to the curvy up and down roads so he would tease me about driving in Granny gear.  After a few years ( I’m a slow learner) in Tennessee I finally figured out that I was watching the road directly in front of the car which was way too close to get the whole view of the road ahead. 

There have been and probably will be many times in my life that I was examining a situation too closely which made it difficult to see the whole picture.  I was looking too close, not broadening my thoughts or my view of the situation at hand.  I am chiseling away at that part of me as well as others because you are never to old, or young, to strive to improve yourself in a positive way.

So just for fun I want to show you the cluttered front of our refrigerator.

The first one is too close to see everything.

measurements and salad 007

So now I’ll step out a ways and show you a little more……

measurements and salad 001

Guess that could be a good reminder to watch the weights and measurements in cooking.

This is my 20 something daughter, my 80 something mother and me somewhere in between.

So here’s the bigger picture of our cluttered mess….

measurements and salad 006

Now that’s a eclectic collection if ever there was one.

Peace to you and yours.  xo deb




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