Granny’s Delinquency

So Jimmy and I are in charge of the mail while Granny is away and she receives an official looking letter from the city of Tullahoma and we decide we better open this one.  Granny ALWAYS pays ahead and has every I I dotted and t crossed but somehow this letter shows she is delinquent on her property tax and better pay up.

45 cents 004

So Jimmy and I look at each other in amazement.  There must be a mistake because the stamp cost as much as the payment due.  Yes….a whoppin’ 45 cents is what Granny owes and she better pay up.  We decided to spring for her this time and pay the overdue charge in cash.  We didn’t send it by mail since that would double the cost and we were driving in that direction anyway.

45 cents 006

Considering this an odd experience we both decided to go in to pay.  We stood quietly in anticipation as she checked for payment due.  She didn’t seemed very surprised since she had received a 6 cents past due payment earlier in the day and told us that last year they had over 400 past due payments of just a few cents.  Hmmmmm…….’spose maybe Tullahoma might try to find a better solution to the problem?

It did give me a chance to set up a good story for Granny and then tell her it was 45 cents paid in full.


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