Get up and go…


farmer's market 008

Storms were rolling through last night as we went to bed and I was grumbling greatly about getting up early in the morning to go to the Farmer’s market with the Davis family.  It would be so easy to text —Monna, sleep sounds much better than fresh vegetables.  You go without me xo Mom.  But I drug myself out of bed, drank coffee and opened the drapes to see a beautiful sunshiny day.

farmer's market 001copy

Just add Memaw and we’re off to the market.

farmer's market 002 copy

farmer's market 003 copy

farmer's market 006

Fresh eggs from Hobby Lobby.

farmer's market 007 234

Mr. Farmer playing beautiful music to pass the time.

farmer's market 007


farmer's market 013

Sister gathering information for her future “organic gardening and cooking” show.

farmer's market 014

farmer's market 015

Headed home with lots of fresh veggies. 

Ok….so I’ll admit that I enjoyed the early morning trip to the Farmer’s Market.



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