Pump troubles and Lascassas, Tennessee

You can’t live without water and our pump has quit completely the last two times we were staying at the hill. Jimmy and I fight off the wasps while he climbs down into the well house and pokes around with stuff until the pump starts.

Snapping Tennessee 035

That means a call and a trip to the pump people or is it well people or the well pump people…you get the picture

Snapping Tennessee 030

We zigzagged up and over and around the road to their shop in Lascassas, Tennessee.

Snapping Tennessee 024

Mama has spent years collecting and decorating this building.

Snapping Tennessee 006

Snapping Tennessee 008

Snapping Tennessee 011

Snapping Tennessee 015

Snapping Tennessee 016

I’ll post the yard tomorrow.  Peace to you and yours. deb


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