Warm steak and potato salad

measurements and salad 011

Warm steak and potato salad

(vegetarians can leave out the steak and bacon and it’s still wonderful)


1lb taters (fresh red is the best but any will do)

3 strips bacon


1lb sirloin in strips

¼ t. salt

5T honey (that’s 1/3 cup)

5T apple cider vinegar (it’s still 1/3 cup)

½ t corn starch mix with ½ water

1 bag spinach

1 cup grape tomatoes halved

Boil taters in salt water til tender

Cook bacon til crisp remove from pan

Add onions to drippings in bacon pan cook 3 minutes

Now add the steak and cook til no longer pink

Remove to plate and keep warm

Drain taters and run under cold water

Quarter and place in bowl with bacon, steak and onions

Add honey and vinegar to skillet dripping left in the pan and cook 2 min

Add corn starch mixture and stir well

Cook 30 minutes and remove from heat

Add baby spinach, honey mixture and tomatoes to bowl

Toss and serve.

measurements and salad 013

So if you are a detail noticer like I am you would have noticed the fork on the right side of the plate in the first picture. That was Jimmy’s salad.  He’s right handed and I’m left handed which would explain the grab and eat technique with the forks.



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