It’s sew fun!

sewing with jedidiah 004Aunt Betsy just got a new ipad for work so Memaw and me are making a padded case for her.  Aunt Betsy loves really fun stuff so this is what we did.

sewing with jedidiah 010

First you need to find a nice fluffy place to sit while you are working.

sewing with jedidiah 022

We used an old quilt that Memaw rescued out of the junk pile at the Attic.

sewing with jedidiah 011

We added flower petals out of new scraps left over from my cousins ipad cover.

sewing with jedidiah 019sewing with jedidiah 020

These are mismatched vintage buttons Memaw probably cut off throw away clothes at the Attic.

I’m sure Aunt Betsy will smile when she sees them.

sewing with jedidiah 023

The ipad pocket is double lined and then we added two outside pockets for accessories.

sewing with jedidiah 013

Memaw needed lots of help from Mommy and me but we got it finished. 

Watch out Vera Bradley here we come!

J.I.Davis company sounds good to me.


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