lefty loosey-righty tighty

So I was married and had 3 children before I was told that it’s lefty loosey, righty tighty for light bulbs and screws.  That’s how absolutely unmechanical my life has been.  Jimmy, bless his heart, wouldn’t let me near any power tools for fear I’d hurt myself and anyone close by.

making benches 009

Then along comes my wonderful, fearless friend Cindy.  So we started with drills and then Jimmy bought me my own drill, then I got the necessary tools like hammer, screwdriver, pliers, measuring equipment and then we moved on to saws. 

making benches 013

Christmas 2011 was a turning point in my mechanical endeavors when Jimmy actually gave me a Rockwell Blade Runner with lots of safety features.  Then Cindy began teaching me how to keep all my fingers intact. 

making benches 007

Play day today is Cindy, her daughter Morgan and myself making benches for the hill.

making benches 018

So I was teasing Cindy because she would let Morgan use a tool that could cut off her fingers but she wouldn’t let Morgan back my car out on the driveway.

making benches 023

We worked until we ran out of the right kind of screws.  So this story will have to be continued.

making benches 003

These are the screws that didn’t work and….

making benches 004

these are the plans that we didn’t follow.  More later………


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